D.C. Insiders Start Talking About “President Harris” — See Why

It is very obvious that President Biden is breaking down just like Afghanistan is burning to the ground. Rumors are circulating about impeachment, and many people are demanding that he resign.

VP Kamala Harris has canceled her scheduled visit to help the endangered California Gov. Gavin Newsom fight his Recall, to go back to D.C.

Could this be the time that Harris has waited for?

Bo Snerdley asks the question on all the Washington insiders’ minds:

The truth is, currently, our country is leaderless. Despite the Biden White House, State Dept., and Jen Psaki’s words to the contrary, no adults are there. We are seeing daily the cognitive downfall of a man who would have never gotten elected to his office in the first place.

To Biden, even reading the teleprompter and repeating answers to pre-written questions is hard, and strains his falling faculties. So, his resignation—or impeachment—would mean Harris is brought in as the President of the U.S.

Much of her career has revealed that she cannot do this. Especially as VP, where she has lost every role handed to her.

Nevertheless, a U.K. publication is speculating about the possibility:

“VP Kamala Harris taking office from Biden has been said to be ‘more possible than any other time’ as the White House is hit by the crisis from Afghanistan.”

“She has long been seen as well placed to take power from the 78yo President. With Biden under pressure over the nation’s handling of the Afghanistan crisis as well as worries over the President’s mental reliability, political analyst Erol Morkoc has spoken about the chances of Kamala Harris coming into the role. He said to GB News the ways in which Harris might become the next President of the U.S.”

Political strategist Erol Morkoc took to the Great Britain Live network to help discuss the spreading speculation:

Canada First News also confidently weighs in on the important issue:

Meanwhile, in the United States, other people on Twitter are discussing, and the opinions are all over. Some lost souls are actually excited for the possibility:

While others understand what could happen if Harris becomes president:

Author: Steven Sinclaire