Democrat Governor Caught In Massive Covid Payoff

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) is now in hot water after she agreed to pay former Health Department Director Robert Gordon over $150,000 after he abruptly resigned his post. The deal was made with the one requirement that it stay confidential.

Gordon was given $155,506, which is nine months of salary, in agreement for releasing the state “from any possible legal claims.”

“The agreement is evidence that Gordon and Whitmer did not part on amicable terms, and it reveals the Democratic administration used taxpayer money to make his resignation easier,” the Detroit News wrote.

The deal was created one month after Gordon, who helped to organize Michigan’s pandemic response, suddenly left his job.

Why did Gordon resign?

The real reason remains unclear.

Strangely, Gordon resigned just hours after he signed an order allowing restaurants to start offering indoor dining with reduced capacity. Gordon was also not there at the press conference that announced the change.

Whitmer’s administration was using Gordon to enact emergency orders because the Supreme Court of the state ruled that Whitmer had violated the state’s constitution by issuing restrictive COVID orders without approval from lawmakers.

News of the payoff comes as the GOP demands an investigation into Governor Whitmer’s pandemic response, especially as it relates to nursing homes and other facilities.

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