Democrat Governor Covers Up Psychological Crimes In Schools

The Dem Governor of Pennsylvania vetoed a recent law that would have forced school districts to give information about textbooks, academic standards and class content online, shooting down the work to give transparency to parents about their children’s schools.

Governor Tom Wolf vetoed this legislation and a comment to the liberal made it all but certain he wanted to enshrine the horrible teachings of anti-white critical race theory inside schools, a strange phenomenon in the GOP-controlled state legislature had tried to stop with House Bill 1332.

“This legislation is an attempt to stop truthful instruction and stop content reflecting many cultures, identities, and past experiences,” Wolf said in his veto message. “My team is committed to forming a safe learning environment for every student, and we won’t take part in this harmful and dangerous imposition.” The law passed by both chambers in the Pennsylvania state legislature on almost-unanimous party lines, with GOP in support and Democrats against.

The law would have amended Pennsylvania’s Public School Code from 1949. If approved, schools would then be forced to reveal the titles of textbooks that children are instructed with in a website that parents can access, in addition to giving a summary of the contents of the textbooks.

Progressive Dems have increasingly tried to remove parents from knowing or discussing the content their children are being taught in public schools, with failed Virginia governor candidate Terry McAulife saying that community members do not have a right to object to the forcing of anti-white psychological torture in public schools.

What is really strange is that no Republican has mentioned that anti-white CRT curriculum could in fact be a violation of international laws on genocide. The UN’s laws on genocide include a clause on “psychological harm” being imposed on a racial group. And there is nothing more harmful than telling a child they are guilty for all of the world’s most terrible atrocities and that they must make amends with the other kids to be forgiven. But yeah, like I said, no Republican has mentioned this small fact. And when they do, we will be sure to let you know!

Author: Steven Sinclaire