Democrat Governor Issues Absurd Insult To Unvaccinated Christians

NY Governor Kathy Hochul (D) said at a church in the Bronx that Christians who are unvaccinated “are note listening to God,” saying that God wants people to get vaccinated.

The Democrat notably made the remarks one day before her mandate for health care employees takes effect. The controversial measure has caused health worker shortages in the state.

“Yes, I know you are vaccinated, you are the smart ones, but you know, there are those out there who are not listening to God,” Hochul said to a Christian Center. “You know who they are.”

“I need you as my apostles, I need you to go and speak to them and say, we owe this to each other,” the Democrat said. “We love one another. Jesus taught us to love each another. And how do you reveal that love, but to care for each other enough to tell them, please get vaccinated. I want you to live.”

The jarring comments caused backlash online. Notably, upstate NY radio host Bob Lonsberry spoke about the remark, “So, when God says something about vaccines, he gets the Democrats to speak for him? Who does he get to speak about abortion?”

Hochul is a supporter of abortion, which ends an innocent human life.

As stressed by News 10 NBC, Hochul said that she could “issue a State of Emergency that increases workforce supply and allows qualified H1-B visa health care workers to come in from other countries.”

Workers who say no to the vaccine, and are then fired under the Hochul’s dictate, will not be eligible to get unemployment benefits, with a few slim exceptions.

A group of health care employees represented by the Thomas More Society issued a law suit against the state arguing their Constitutional rights were violated when the state issued a vaccination mandate preventing religious exemptions.

The Society said that the mandate “tries to nullify protections for religious beliefs given under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, even though days before the state of NY had given protection for religious beliefs in its previous health order.”

Lawyer Christopher Ferrara, from the Thomas More Society, said the move was “a complete power grab by people who believe they can get away with anything.”

“What this state is trying to shut an escape hatch to get away from the unconstitutional vaccine mandates,” Ferrara said. “And they are doing this understanding many people have religious objections to these vaccines which were tested and made with cell lines from aborted fetuses.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire