Democrat Who Laughed About Murdered Conservatives Gets Quick Payback

Mary Lemanski, the Illinois Dem who said that the car attack by criminal Darrell Brooks in Wisconsin was “karma” for the Rittenhouse killings and not-guilty verdict has now resigned her post, as reported by the DuPage County DNC Party.

Lemanski said that her comments were “free speech” on her Facebook profile.

Lemanski’s Twitter account was deleted, but the internet is forever. Her “karma” statement was not the only offense thing she said after the Wisconsin attack.

“It was probably only self-defense,” as she used hashtags “Wisconsin” and “KyleRittenhouse” in one of her tweets.

“I am positive he didn’t wish to hurt anyone,” she said. “He went there to help people,” echoing testimony that was given to support Kyle Rittenhouse during his trial.

The supposed member of the world-famous Chicago Second City comedy troupe gave up her right to be called a “human” when she sent out a tweet, “The blood of Kyle Rittenhouse’s victims is now on the hands of Wisconsin residents, even the kids.”

“Living in Wisconsin, he probably felt like he was threatened,” Lemanski said about the SUV driving murderer.

The tweets, which are now deleted, were a mocking reference to Rittenhouse’s defense strategy, who was acquitted recently of homicide after killing two people and wounding another during a Black Lives Matter riot last year.

In later posts Lemanski showed sorrow over the Christmas parade tragedy.

“I am sad,” she said. “I am sad when someone dies.”

“I just believe in Karma and this came around fast on the people of Wisconsin.”

She also said: “You reap what you sow, Wisconsin.”

The Waukesha attack seems to bring out the radical left crazies who were hiding under rocks.

The police are now saying that there is no evidence of a racial attack, but given the rhetoric used to describe Rittenhouse as a “white supremacists,” the attack was not surprising.

This also comes after years of marketing and messaging by Democrats to paint Trump supporters and all conservatives as racists and potential white nationalist terrorists. An agenda that has increased in the past month with the Biden Administration’s push to target angry parents as a possible threat to the safety of school board leaders.

Author: Steven Sinclaire