Democratic Governor Threatens Unvaccinated Workers With Jaw-Dropping Punishment

New York Governor Kathy Hochul delivered a very shocking threat to unvaccinated healthcare employees. The liberal governor told hospital and nursing workers to get vaccinated before the state’s September 27 deadline or get replaced — possibly by foreign workers.

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo said back on August 16 that “all healthcare employees in NY State, including hospital and long-term care staff, including nursing homes and adult care will be forced to get the vaccine against COVID-19 by September 27.”

On August 26, the state’s public health council approved emergency measures that removed religious exemptions from their order.

The removal of these exemptions led to 17 medical workers to sue the state over the mandatory order — stating that the mandate was unconstitutional. The plaintiffs, most being Catholic, said they were against getting vaccinated “with the COVID-19 vaccines, all of which used aborted fetus cells during their testing or production.” The healthcare employees said the vaccine mandate breaks their right to freedom of religion under the 1st Amendment.

“The same health care workers were said be heroes by the media for treating coronavirus patients before the vaccines were available, including the Plaintiffs listed, are now vilified by this media as pariahs who should be excluded from society until they get vaccinated,” the lawsuit reads.

Judge David Hurd gave a temporary restraining order on September 14, stopping the state from enforcing its vaccine mandate against healthcare workers who want a religious exemption. This week, the judge extended that deadline to October 12 for healthcare employees making requests for exemptions for the mandate.

State officials replied with a comment, “The state’s push to promote widespread vaccination, especially inside of the healthcare system, is in the best interest of the public and the plaintiffs cannot reasonably say otherwise,” the state’s reply said.

With the September 27 deadline to get vaccinated, Hochul forcibly demanded that medical staff get vaccinated or suffer unemployment.

“To those who won’t, we will be replacing you,” Hochul said to reporters this week. “And I have a plan that will be announced very soon.”

“We have identified a large range of opportunities we helped them supplement,” Hochul said, saying that NY is “working closely with certain hospital systems to find where we can get other people to come in and work in places such as nursing homes.”

Hochul also threatened to replace the unvaccinated workers with foreigners, “We are also reaching out to the Dept. of State to see about visas for foreign workers to bring more nurses in.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire