Democrats Are Installing Spy Devices In Cars — Here’s When You’ll Get Yours

The $1 trillion dollar infrastructure program – a bipartisan 2,702-page large bill that was locked in negotiations for multiple months between Republicans and Democrats will mandate that all new cars must have the ability to detect alcohol on drivers and alert systems to check the backseats before turning off the car.

Sensors inside the vehicle’s cabin will track a driver’s eye moment and look for signs of being distracted, tired or impaired. Bloomberg says this tech is a lot like that used by police officers when they pull over suspected inebriated drivers.

Debbie Dingell, a Michigan Dem, released a comment that read: “We must not wait any longer to make our roads safer.” She continued on to say, “My bill being in the bipartisan package will help the creation and implementation of technology to prevent drunk driving once and for all.”

Another section in the bill was written to prevent the deaths of children left inside hot cars called a “door logic” alert that lets drivers know to check the backseat when shutting off the engine.

Janette Fennell, the leader of Kids and Car Safety, reported that over 1,000 children have died in hot cars since 1990.

“The Senate version is only about a reminder system that won’t detect anything,” Fennell stated. “It does not let drivers always know if there is a child in their back seat.”

Other sections inside the bill include measures for crash avoidance systems, automatic braking and rear guards for truck trailers.

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer intends to force the bill into a vote before the monthlong break which starts on Aug. 9. In the next few days, the passage of the infrastructure program is a pivotal one for Biden’s economic plans.

Meanwhile, Biden is spending his time targeting GOP governors for what he says is their role in the increase in covid cases.

This Tuesday he said that, “only two states, Texas and Florida, make up one third of new covid-19 cases in the whole nation.

“I ask these Republican governors to please help,” he said. “If you won’t help at least get out of the way of those who are helping.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire