Democrats Are Using Kids As ‘Guinea Pigs’ — This Congressman Makes Them Regret It

Republican Congressman Greg Murphy (NC) has said the FDA’s idea that kids must be jabbed with the covid vaccine to find out if it works is “literally the most dangerous comment I have ever heard in medicine.”

Murphy, who is a physician, is reacting to statements made by FDA official Dr. Eric Rubin, who stated that kids have to be made into research guinea pigs for the new experimental vaccine.

“We are never going to know how safe this covid vaccine is unless we give it. That is just how it goes. That is how we discovered rare vaccine complications, such as the rotavirus vaccine,” he said.

Murphy finds the ethical implications of this idea to be completely unthinkable.

“That is literally the most dangerous comment I have ever heard in medicine,” the congressman said during during his recent interview on “Capitol Report.”

“How is that going to sit with most moms, the average parent who cares for their child? They want their kids experimented on?” he said.

Murphy does not think there any public health cause for children to be jabbed with vaccines considering the COVID-19 facts and how the virus spreads.

“The vaccines we give to kids are for mumps, measles, rubella, and they have to have these vaccines before going to school. And I do agree with this. But the issue is, these are childhood viruses. COVID is not a disease that targets kids. It can affect kids, but its lethality is very small compared to adults,” Murphy said.

“I just do not understand why it is being forced on kids so much,” he said, speculating about a possible federal mandate for child vaccines to attend public schools. “We do not mandate for kids to get the flu vaccine before going to school. We do not mandate the HPV vaccine for kids. So I just do not understand the virology of this.”

We have reported on the desperate rush to get vaccines into the arms of children regardless of the possible side-effects it could cause on them.

Previous studies have added weight to the idea that children are not in any kind of deadly danger from COVID-19. The vaccine regime is really all about violating the bodily autonomy of kids.

Author: Scott Dowdy