Democrats Breakout Into Civil War Over Biden’s New Appointee

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has slammed Fed. Energy Regulatory Chairman Richard Glick, a Joe Biden appointee, during remarks he made late last week over the stalled pipeline permits which have come as Americans have been experiencing soaring energy costs.

Joe Manchin, who is the Chairman of the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee, “called the entire FERC commission, including Energy Regulatory Chairman Glick, before the committee to ask the regulators questions over their policy choices while pressing them to let certain stalled projects go forward.” Glick, giving a statement at the CERAWeek by S&P Global energy conference this week, defended his agency’s choice to withhold the permits. He claimed some of the pipeline delays Joe Manchin lamented at the Senate hearing were because of FERC’s efforts to make sure that the projects were done “the right way the first time.”

Joe Manchin slammed Glick when he was asked about Glick’s remarks by a reporter from Fox News, saying, “Well, Mr. Chairman Glick should speak up and help us.”

“Speak up and help us instead of letting it come to the court process, you know, the only thing I could tell you as governor and I at EPA, I told all my people I said, if you are working with a cease and desist order before trying to help someone do something the right way and tell them what they are actually doing wrong, shame on you,” Joe Manchin continued. “Shame on every one of you. We partner with the Interior, FERC if they were able to, can we at least offer them the consistency of what we believe and what we know? Because we have been here before, but now they are throwing a lot more obstacles out there, you are way outside his wheelhouse, and he does know how I feel about that.”

The reporter also noted that Glick had raised some concerns about pushing things a little too quickly, to which Joe Manchin immediately fired back: “I am not saying push them too quickly. Just do the damn job. That is all I said to him.”


Author: Scott Dowdy