Democrats Caught Paying For ‘Influence’

A CBS affiliate is reporting that public officials in Minneapolis are planning on handing out nearly $1.2 million to local social media influencers, to help spread their narrative during Derek Chauvin’s upcoming trial.

Though officials have promised more details, things look sketchy at the moment. They’re at least attempting to give this weird scheme the appearance of respectability by saying the goal is to “stop riots.”

But if they are truly trying to help, they could start by paying their “influencers” to correct some very mistaken ideas people have about what would be the reason for rioting.

Skeptic Magazine recently had a survey asking Americans to estimate how many blacks were killed by law enforcement in 2019.

With 40% of liberals and 20% of conservatives believing the number was at least 1000.

The correct number is 27.

Moreover, the liberal respondents also believed that a majority of those who were killed by police were black. The truth is, only 25% were.

Anything these officials might do to gaslight the public during Chauvin’s trial could have a strong potential to prejudice jurors in favor of the case for convicting Chauvin.

Not too long ago, almost everyone would have understood the issue with what Minneapolis officials are planning to do. It is unquestionably fraudulent manipulation of a murder trial.

But as depressing as it is to think about, my gut tells me we’ve degenerated to the point where most won’t even notice a problem.

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