Democrats Come Up With a Clever New Way To Seize All Guns In America

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo this week enacted a law that was passed by the DNC-controlled state Legislature that lets guns be seen as a public nuisance and gives the possibility for lawsuits against gun makers.

,,“The only industry in the U.S. that is immune from lawsuits are the gun makers, but we will not allow for that any longer, Cuomo said.

According to reports, the 2005 federal Protection of Commerce in Arms Act gave immunity for gun makers if people misuse their firearms in a criminal way.

Cuomo’s press release says that New York is reversing all of this.

“Under this new rule, gun makers can no longer endanger the health and safety of the public through the manufacturing or marketing of their products. Their products can be seen as a public nuisance even if the gun company did not directly cause the harm to the public,” the comment said.

The release continued to say that anyone, from individuals to companies to attorneys general, can now go after “bad actor gun makers.”

Cuomo’s press release said federal protection for the firearms sector “has led to a perfect storm of lower controls and not keeping bad actors accountable.”

State A.G Letitia James, a Democrat who has taken an extreme position against the NRA, said she supports changing the federal law.

“This was federal overreach to guard the gun makers in every way they could,” she said. “But, today, New York took a vital step to correct that wrong and guard its citizens from gun violence.”

Cuomo enacted the law on the same day he unveiled he would make gun violence a health emergency in his state.

State Senator Rob Ortt said Cuomo’s announcement was “political grandstanding,” according to reports.

“Days after letting go of his emergency power, Cuomo has issued a new emergency,” Ortt said.

“The crisis within towns across our state directly connects with the allowing of the disastrous criminal justice ‘reforms,’ and out-of-control parole board decisions that have released many murderers and other dangerous people, and calls by the left to defund our police,” he said.

Author: Scott Dowdy