Democrats Deliberately Try To Destroy Trump’s Economy

Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer (MI) has forced a Canadian gas company to shut down their pipeline, saying that the pipeline is a “timebomb” even though the company reports that the pipeline is completely safe and has never leaked into the surrounding area.

The Guardian has reported that the Governor ordered the Canadian company, Enbridge, to stop their pipeline, called the Line 5, by Wednesday because of activist fears it could spill at any time. The pipeline has had ongoing operations for almost 67 years and, according to the company, the part of the pipeline that goes through the straights has not once leaked. In 2010, another Enbridge pipeline spilled 845,000 gallons of oil into the state’s Kalamazoo River.

Governor Whitmer urged for the shutting down of the pipeline and is even continuing in her efforts despite the closure of the Colonial Pipeline, one of America’s largest pipelines, along with emergency declarations for 17 states.

One expert reported that the hacker attack that led to the Colonial Pipeline shutdown was “the most successful attack on our energy infrastructure ever.”

In addition to the federal declaration of emergency, four states – Georgia, Florida, Virginia and North Carolina – have given emergency declarations over possible shortages. And on Tuesday, over 1,000 gas stations ran out of gasoline.

Multiple videos spread online of people revealing that their gas stations were completely out of fuel in states such as North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, and others. Some experts say that panic buying could have caused some of the shortages.

Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm put out a warning that gas stations in these areas could face a ‘supply crunch’ even after the pipeline is fully back online.

But now, it seems far-left Democrats like Governor Whitmer want to make the problem even worse. By shutting down another pipeline, this time on purpose, Democrats are proving yet again that they are not deserving of power.

Author: Blake Ambrose