Democrats Don’t Want To Talk About Money While Addressing The Budget

Pramila Jayapal has had a weird life, being born in India and then spending her childhood in Thailand and Singapore before coming to America at age 16
Over the past few decades, many GOP members and even more Dems have had times of fiscal insanity, with each one even more crazy and than the last. From eating all the increased revenues that came in from Ronald Reagan’s tax breaks to the worse deficits we have seen since the Great Depression under Barrack Obama. It would seem that the progressives would need to work very hard to beat this record. The past year and a half has given them with the perfect reason to check off everything they want.

Democratic Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal from Washington slammed Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia, whom many think is the last sensible Democrat in the Senate, for his proposal to lower the reconciliation budget to a merely huge $1.5 trillion, significantly less than the colossal $3.5 trillion bill that was the creation of none other than Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont.

Congresswoman Jayapal apparently thought the still significant $1.5 trillion dollar plan and its generous plans to be still insufficient to push through the progressive agenda that far-left members have in mind for the nation.

Senator Manchin’s longstanding concern about the initial $3.5 trillion bill was that it would end in another terrible round of inflation. Such reasonable words being spoken by a Dem has caused many people to wonder why the lawmaker has not yet switched to the Republican party.

Over the past few days, progressive Dems have been at odds with their very reasonable counterparts, who do hold the power in Congress should they choose to exercise it, about how fiscally reckless the government should be.

Congresswoman Jayapal had a very telling exchange on CNN where she showed a complete lack of budgetary sanity or any concrete recognition of what she wants to accomplish with this argument. When asked by the host for a number on what she would need for the final price tag, Jayapal said “I don’t feel the need to talk about a number. I gave a number it was 3.5. If you are negotiating, you must have a counteroffer before placing a bid.”

Jayapal kept demonstrating her lunacy when the host tried again to get an estimation by saying that “I do not have a number. It’s like purchasing a house and making an offer, and somebody says, what is the lowest number you would accept? Why would I do that?”

Author: Blake Ambrose