Democrats’ Election Steal 2.0 Is Not Going Very Well

Some stuff in California never changes—accusations of election fraud, as one example.

This week, poll workers informed 88-year-old GOP voter Estelle Bender that she was recorded as already having cast her ballot. The problem was, she did not cast it.

“I went to the High School to cast my vote,” Bender said KTLA5 reporter Chris Wolfe. When Bender handed a poll worker her voter information, the worker told Bender that the computer reported she had already voted. “I said, ‘no, I have not,’ and she said, ‘This was happening all morning.’”

Clearly, Bender was not the only one worried about being informed she had already voted. “The man beside me was saying the same thing,” said Bender. “So I got the ballot and I was very angry.”

Bender saw two other people who knew and told them to, “not be surprised if they say you have already voted.” She then asked the people, “Are you Republicans?” They were. “So am I,” she said, “and so are my friends who had this issue,” which was enough to cause Bender to become suspicious.

“If I voted, how did I vote,” she asked implying she would like to know for whom her vote was given to.

The LA County Registrar-Recorder issued a comment to KTLA5 on the San Fernando Valley ballot issues:

“The voters who had this issue were given a provisional ballot — the failsafe way to ensure no one is kept from voting. Provisional ballots are normal ballots and once the eligibility of the voter is truly verified, they are counted and processed.”

After working on the issue, the equipment at these locations was exchanged and the voting went forward.”

As Wolfe reported, these ballot problems can certainly leave voters feeling “very worried, suspicious, and demanding answers,” but they also lead to some questions: How many of these voters got frustrated and did not vote at all? How many of these election ballots were already counted? Why are these things still happening, even after L.A. County’s terrible 2020 primary and many assurances they have been fixed?

L.A. County voters who had problems at the survey can call the Voter Fraud Hotline by dialing 800-815-2666, but Republican candidate Larry Elder is so worried with voter fraud that he has a document on his campaign website allowing his supporters to report such events.

Author: Blake Ambrose