Democrats End Free Speech And Make Themselves Dictators With One Horrible Law

Democratic Washington Governor Jay Inslee, a 2020 candidate for president, has decided he wants to make lying illegal — but only if it is about the outcomes of elections.According to reports, Inslee used the anniversary of the January 6th, 2021, Capitol event to call on state lawmakers to push legislation which would make lying about election outcomes a gross misdemeanor — warning that without this change, “a continuing coup” by former President Trump could cause a danger to the state’s election system.

Inslee’s rhetoric was not even the most overheated, febrile stuff — and we heard lots of it from the Democrats. While the mainstream news media was more than willing to echo liberal talking points this week, we continued reminding readers what really went down on Jan. 6, and we will continue to put those events in the right perspective.

Inslee, talking in the capital of Olympia, said that Trump “is still intent on spreading his coup effort.”

“And we have to realize, it is not only in other states; it is here in the state of Washington, this ongoing effort,” he said.

Therefore, Inslee will support laws banning “lies about election outcomes by elected officials or candidates,” the Seattle Times said.

The crime would be seen as a gross misdemeanor, meaning it might land someone in jail for as much as 364 days. They might also be fined as much as $5,000.

“It should not be legal in Washington for candidates and elected officials for office to willfully lie concerning election results,” Inslee said.

During his interview later that day, he also said that for the lying to be a gross misdemeanor, there would have to be “knowledge that there is a possibility for violence.”

If Inslee and Washington Dems follow through with this, with the bill being drafted. The aim seems to be considered during the state’s upcoming 60-day session, which starts Monday. This grandstanding will have real-world consequences for many years to come — if Inslee has his way.

The fact this blatant attack against the First Amendment was even pushed, ought to scare all Americans. The Washington governor talked about “a continuing coup” by Trump. To fight it, he says, he is prepared to chip away at the first amendment which is the bedrock of our freedoms.

Author: Scott Dowdy