Democrats Forced To Respond To Domestic Terrorism

Portland has been shut down by ongoing terrorism by BLM and Antifa. On Wednesday, the Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler extended his emergency declaration for another 24 hours.

This was after buildings were vandalized and police were attacked after the trial of Derek Chauvin. Earlier in the week, videos showed destroyed windows at two Starbucks locations and a dumpster on fire — among other chaotic events — while at least one officer was assaulted.

Although tensions were high, one faith leader in the community has pleaded for unity.

“I call upon those who march to do so nonviolently., Rev. Leroy Haynes said. “Nonviolence is the most powerful force to transform our nation.”

Portland officers have arrested two people so far, but violence is not stopping. Meanwhile, the emergency powers the Mayor now has allows him to shut down streets and declare a curfew.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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