Democrats Give Biden A Brutal Notice That Renders Him Speechless

President Joe Biden’s polling numbers are getting more and more brutal, with NBC News’s latest survey showing the Democratic Party is now in line for a “shellacking” in the upcoming midterms.

“I am going to start with maybe the most important number to understand the course of the midterms, its job approval here, the president’s approval rating sitting around 43 percent. If you look at history it shows that type of presidential approval rating causes a shellacking for the party who is in power,” NBC’s Chuck Todd stated recently.

“And the mood of the country? Let me show you right now the wrong track, people who think the nation is on the wrong track is around 72 percent – the second poll in a row where we have been more than 70 percent. This is only the third time in this poll’s history more than 30 years where we have had two tracks that off,” he said. “That again would place you in shellacking area for the party who is in power.”

With numbers such as these, it is no wonder that Democrats don’t want the president close to them, including Beto O’Rourke, the former United States representative who is now going for governor of Texas.

“I am not interested in any politician from the federal level — or anyone outside of this state — coming here to help decide the outcome of the election,” the failed Dem. presidential candidate told journalists when asked if he would take help from President Joe Biden.

“I think we all want to ensure that we are working with, and listening to and voting with each other here in Texas,” he said.

“Nobody in D.C. right now can help us with these challenges,” he said. “This one is on us.”

O’Rourke is not the only Democrat staying away from President Biden. As others have reported, even high-profile figures such as Stacey Abrams would not show up to events with Joe Biden.

What is surprising is not that Joe Biden has failed in every way possible, but that it happened within one year of entering the White House.

Author: Scott Dowdy