Democrats Gloat Over Their New Evil Agenda

House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) this week celebrated the passing of H.R. 1, which Republicans warn will federalize state elections and cause greater distrust in our elections, saying it is key to combating “misinformation” on priorities like gun control and climate change.

“We are very pleased with the House last night,” Pelosi said to reporters during her press conference, stating that lawmakers took a “big step for democracy.”

The Speaker made the claim that the measure will “guard the right to vote” by dismantling “roadblocks of participation” — a possible reference to the federal takeover of state voting, especially voter ID laws.

Countless GOP members have warned against the bill due to its impact on states and their role in federal elections for Senate and House elections. Twenty state A.G.s sent a letter to congressional leadership before to the measure passed, stressing the bill’s countless “vulnerabilities” and constitutional problems.

They wrote that the bill “regulates congressional elections, including by forcing mail-in voting, forcing states to allow late ballots, overriding local voter ID laws, and forces states to conduct redistricting through unelected processes.”

The state A.G.s warned they will “push for legal remedies to protect the Constitution, state sovereignty, our elections, and the rights of American citizens” if the bill goes through.

Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) is the Republican lawmaker who was most forceful in his criticism of the bill, saying that Americans should be “outraged” by Democrats passing the law:

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