Democrats Go To Stunning New Heights To Dismantle The Constitution

President Joe Biden supposedly has plans to withdraw its nomination of David Chipman, the Gabby Giffords’ gun control supporter whom the White House put forward to be the leader of the controversial ATF.

Politico spoke about the upcoming embarrassing withdrawal of Chipman’s nomination, mentioning “three sources familiar to the process.”

The Washington Post also spoke of the news concerning Chipman as well, mentioning “bipartisan pushback” against the anti-gunner’s failed nomination.

This news comes only one day after Breitbart News highlighted that Chipman would have to have at least one GOP senator to come to the Democrat side to get a confirmation.

Donald Trump Jr. was among the people with the strongest and most conservative voices against the Chipman nomination throughout the whole process:

As one example, on July 9 this year, it was reported that Trump Jr. called out Democrat Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Jon Tester (MT) for their refusal to say if they would back and defend their constituents’ Second Amendment rights or support the radical Chipman gun control plan. Trump Jr. made it certain to Manchin and Tester that they had to choose one of the two–the Second Amendment or Chipman; they could not do both.

Four days after this, on July 13 this year, Trump Jr. went further about his efforts against Chipman by pushing for Democrat senators from red and swing states to go against Chipman’s confirmation vote this week–and said the public must fight back by pressuring these senators to vote against the confirmation.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation and NRA gun rights groups have also fought against Chipman’s nomination, as have Republican Senator Ted Cruz (TX) and others.

This comes at a time when Americans are increasingly using their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves. With gun sales breaking records for multiple months in 2021, it is clear that anxiety is very high given the spread of coronavirus, the economy, along with never-ending immigration and finally heightened political anger regarding a host of topics.

As Democrats continue down their path to open borders and globalisation, Americans’ gun rights presents a big obstacle to their plans.

Author: Blake Ambrose