Democrats’ Hometowns Get Targeted During Black Friday

We usually think of Black Friday as the day that we can find some good bargains at the stores.

But instead, we have been seeing individuals thinking they can get more than a good bargain. It is happening at the more expensive stores in Dem cities, specifically in California when they know because of the leftist prosecutors that are in charge there, they will most likely not be in any real trouble even if they are captured. This is all thanks to the Dem policy of being too lenient on crime.

When even CNN is noticing this as a problem in cities like Chicago and San Francisco, then you know Dems cannot hide the hard reality of the damages their policies are inflicting on these cities.

This is what we are getting with Dems in charge — chaos and anarchy. A smash-and-grab group even robbed a Home Depot in LA. What did they steal? Crow bars and sledgehammers, so they could go rob more stores. Unfortunately, it’s not just about losing law and order and scaring people — now there are people are getting murdered, as well.

Kevin Nishita, a former police officer employed as a security guard, was murdered by a group that drove up on the television crew to rob them in the Bay Area.

Kevin was working security for a KRON news crew when at the time was covering a smash-and-grab robbery at the Prime 356 clothing store that occurred Monday night.

They said a group of armed men pulled up on the television news crew and ordered them and their security guard to get on the ground. As reported by witnesses, moments after that, shots were fired, and Kevin was hit.

Authorities said the guard had been hit in the stomach by a bullet. No one else was injured before the suspects fled the scene.

When you allow madness, this is where it will lead, and now we have lost someone who has spent his life helping others.

While CNN has been reporting on the smash and grabs, one analyst of theirs stated that we do not know why this is occurring, right after he also said, “some DAs that have flat-out said they are no longer going to prosecute shoplifters.” You think that there could be a relation there?

Here’s a radical thought. Radical for California, which means it is sane. How about raising the penalty for theft rather than lowering it? And how about electing individuals who are not radical leftists who want to free all the criminals? Then, amazingly, you will find these incidents magically drop. It is not magic, though, it’s just common sense.

Author: Steven Sinclaire