Democrats Lose It After Biden Gaslights Everyone In America

Earlier this week, Biden announced he will green-light the completion of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, giving Russia influence over most of Europe’s energy.

“The Biden White House will remove sanctions on the corporate giant behind the construction of Russia’s pipeline into Germany, according to two sources familiar with the action,” Axios reported.

Democrat Bob Menendez, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is slamming the move.

“I am against this decision by President Biden to remove sanctions on Russia. I urge the White House to change their mind and continue forward with the mandated sanctions. The Biden White House has said the pipeline is a Russian influence program. I agree with them, but I don’t see how today’s choice will help us counter Russian aggression in the region,” Menendez said in a comment.

“If the Biden team keeps this waiver, I have many questions. First, what do they expect from Germany after making this concession to exercise their waiver? Will Berlin increase its support for Ukraine? Also, what will Biden do to help our relationship with Ukraine? “

“This has created uncertainty in many areas of Europe and I believe we will hear very soon from the Biden team about its plans going forward,” Menendez said.

Meanwhile, Richard Grenell, Trump’s former Director of National Intelligence is slamming the situation as a gift to Russia.

Author: Scott Dowdy