Democrats Make A Huge Push To Ensure They Never Lose Power

Thirty three out of 50 Dem Senators have requested that the Biden border chief give worker permits and even amnesty to 4 million illegals.

The open borders Senators requested that Alejandro Mayorkas on Jan. 10 grant “Temporary Protected Status” (TPS) — including work permits and drivers’ licenses. Mayorkas is famous for leading over the recent surge in illegals at the southern border.

Rob Law from The Center for Immigration Studies said that Democrats will say, “This is not fair! How can they not have a path to become citizens when we have given them work permits and told them it is okay to be here?”… There is nothing humanitarian or sympathetic about what the Dems are doing. This is a political tactic. By trying to increase migration up in steps, they are trying to hide from the public that the end objective is just straight-up citizenship for this third-world population.

Handing out work permits to illegals is poaching the workforce from these nations around the world that are desperate for their workers to rebuild their own economies. This is a selfish push by people in the United States to maximize profits. Dems are incentivizing this workforce movement at great peril to the home nations.

The pro amnesty message was signed by top Dem leaders, including Senators Chuck Schumer (NY), Robert Menendez (NJ), Elizabeth Warren (MA), and Dick Durbin (IlL) The letter was also signed by two Dems who have tough elections this year: Senator Raphael Warnock (GA) and Catherine Cortez Masto (NV).

“It is our opinion that Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua meet the normal standards for TPS,” says the message from the 33 Dem Senators referring to Temporary Protected Status for illegals. Apparently, the perceived rights of illegals proceed that of Americans, in the minds of these open borders liberal senators. Next time Elizabeth Warren goes for higher office voters should not forget her priorities.

This comes at a time when Democrats have pushed forward with a number of extreme policies ranging from anti-white CRT training to the large spending bills that have caused overflowing inflation in America.

Author: Blake Ambrose