Democrats Make Sure They’ll Never Be Defeated Again

In what looks to be right out of a Third World Dictatorship, Dems are now starting a big push to support S.2093 to become law, a move that conservatives say will allow election rigging to be easier for Democrats through many different of channels.

The 1984 like bill called the “For The People Act” was said by Democrats to be about streamlining the election process for “eligible voters” to partake in democracy. It would seem that definitions of eligibility are different between the political spectrum.

GOP members have been putting up a big fight (thus far) against allowing Democrat immigrant voters to outvote born-and-raised Americans. Sen. Rafael “Ted” Cruz from Texas was behind the blocking of Senate Democrats’ attempts to pull S.2093 away from the committee right before the Aug. recess.

Senator Cruz also pushed the issue to the floor of the Senate, saying that “It would strike down every reasonable voter rule in the nation, including voter ID … and blocks on ballot harvesting … both of these are supported by most Americans,” apparently forgetting that Dems have a track record of not caring what Americans think about them as long as they have power.

The Government Relations Manager at the Fed. for American Immigration Reform, Preston Huennekens, said that S.2093 as “a deeply troubled piece of legislation,” also stating that “On immigration, it blocks the prosecution of any illegal under law if that person illegally registered to vote or did vote in elections. This bill leaves no room for doubt—it gives room for and allows for fraudulent voting by illegals.”

To make the issue worse, this law would also allow for same-day registration to vote without a need to give state-issued ID. And in many cases, giving a student ID would constitute good enough verification, which many universities hand over to illegals. But, many states already give driver’s licenses to illegals.

About Senator Cruz’s efforts to stop the Democrats attempt at ruining the nation and creating a new one, Huennekens stated that “Senator Cruz’s warning about this bill allowing illegals to vote is not far away from the mark. While the law itself does not directly give illegals the ability to vote, it stops any enforcement against those illegals who do.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire