Democrats Move To Delete Republicans From America’s Map

NY State has 19 Dem seats in the House and eight GOP seats. But if a brand new gerrymandered map put forward by Dem state legislators is passed, Dems would likely have 22 seats compared to the GOP only getting four.

But wait! Dems are against gerrymandering, right?

Hah! They are only against it when they are not the ones doing it. Especially since this map might help protect Dems from losing their House majority.

As reported by the Washington Post, the new map “erases the seat that was held by Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney and forms a deep-blue district in the center of the state.” That is not all. “The Brooklyn neighborhoods in Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis’s Staten district change enough to transform it from one Trump won by around 10 points to one that Joe Biden would have won by around this same amount. On Long Island, the seat of Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin, who is now running for the state’s governor, also gets bluer.”

Partisan maps were meant to be gone. In 2014, NY voters approved a new amendment setting up a bipartisan commission to redo the district lines. But, partisan fighting meant no map was accepted, effectively empowering NY Democrats to create their own map.

Various NY Democrats praised the fresh map and said that it is not as partisan as the maps that are drawn by GOP members in other states.

However, the NY GOP disagrees and is not letting this go without a fight.

“These maps are the most outrageous and brazen attempt at rigging the next election to keep Pelosi as the Speaker,” NY Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy said in a comment. “Voters spoke very clearly in rejecting this power grab last year and back in 2014, but Dems are circumventing the people. They cannot win on the merits so they are trying to win the election in a way other than inside the ballot box.”

“Governor Hochul herself said she would collude with National-level Democrats to guarantee that Biden has the votes for his socialist program,” Langworthy said. “For all their fake protestations about fairness in elections, what they are doing is a textbook case of partisan gerrymandering that breaks the NY State Constitution.”

Author: Scott Dowdy