Democrats Move To Impoverish Americans They Don’t Like

Prices at the gas pump are crushing American’s wallets with no end in sight, with fuel averaging over $4.00 per gallon across the country, and far higher in some localities. In the middle of that, the White House has steadfastly refused to lift one finger to help out, instead opting to snark at oil businesses that Dems have spent years attempting to destroy. That left the Biden Administrating crawling to Venezuela to beg for its oil.”

But no worries, House Dems have another brilliant plan which will surely make things much worse: Declaring a “climate emergency” and instantly stopping all gas and oil drilling on public lands.

House progressives have been planning to call on Pres. Joe Biden this week to use his executive powers to declare a national emergency on climate change and to ban drilling for fossil fuel on public lands.

The request coming from the Congressional PR Caucus comes as a lot of Democratic clean energy priorities have faltered in Congress. The push for using the executive powers that’s expected from the group of almost 100 lawmakers this week will also touch problems such as voting rights, student loan debt and immigration.

To put a ban on all oil drilling on public land would not only greatly increase the cost of gas, but it would also lead to much dirtier drilling in other places in the world, managed by tyrants like Pres. Vladimir Putin and Iran. What exactly can that do for climate change? Is the argument that drilling for oil in the U.S. is somehow worse than it is in Saudi Arabia?

What we are seeing here us pure lunacy on a scale not seen before at the federal level, and that is truly saying something here, given how terrible some past choices have been. The Dem Party and its radical, economy-crushing policies have to be rejected during the elections. If they are not, the consequences will be terrible.

Luckily, I am not sure Pres. Joe Biden is so dumb that he will go along with this request. Do not get me wrong, the guy would not know a good decision if it walked up and slapped him in the face, but placing a ban on all oil drilling on public land? Nah, not even the Joe Biden is that nuts, or at least I hope he isn’t that nuts.

Something really has to give here. Americans can’t keep suffering under this current energy crisis. However, instead of proposing solutions to the problem, Dems are busy attempting to make the situation far worse than it is. Vote accordingly.

Author: Blake Ambrose