Democrats’ New Vaccination Technique Is a Totalitarian Nightmare

The national media has been working hard on headlines combating “vaccine hesitancy” as covid infection rates decline.

Now, one initiative in Dallas County in Texas, is going beyond anything we have seen thus far, and many people on social media are taking notice of its downright bizarre, creepy and completely coercive nature.

Texas has been fully reopened, with restaurants now being packed, but it seems vaccine sites are empty. So apparently, the Dallas County HHS has come up with the wonderful idea to send uniformed soldiers to bars and other locations to vaccinate people.

The HHS put out a tweet: “By getting vaccinated you will be able to enjoy going out again” But of course, the people being targeted with this program were already enjoying themselves. A local news clip said of the new campaign that Dallas County is trying to attract the “young crowd”.

Multiple uniformed troops were seen “popping-up” a vaccine table on the street, but they also were filmed going into venues to encounter unvaccinated people.

One 7-11 clerk who accepted the vaccine was asked by the soldiers: “How do you feel about getting the vaccine right here, at work?”

The man then speaks about the benefits of being a US citizen – which given the strange optics of the entire encounter between the Solider and a supposedly recent immigrant to the US, seems like a staged propaganda moment.

Also, most importantly, when a “vaccine crew” of soldiers randomly comes up to citizens saying they “need to get the vaccine” do these people understand it’s an option and not a mandate?

But of course this seems to be the entire point…

With President Biden’s new weird announcement that “Those who are not vaccinated will pay the price” – this new “creative” strategy all about pushing serious authority for added pressure?

Author: Steven Sinclaire