Democrats Prepare For A “Biblical Event” That’s Months Away

Democrats are preparing for “a biblical calamity” in the upcoming midterm elections, with record levels of inflation, unrestricted illegal immigration, a war in Ukraine, and a very unpopular president.

“I believe that this will be a biblical disaster,” a prominent Democratic strategist stated to The Hill while candidly discussing the midterm elections. “This is the harsh reality we will all be forced to face as Dems, and no one wants to acknowledge it.”

The “truth” about Joe Biden that the Democrats won’t accept is that his approval rating is currently at 41%, which is near the lowest it’s been throughout his entire term in office.

Furthermore, recent economic data reveal that prices have risen 8.5 percent in the last year, reaching a level not seen in 40 years ago.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average family in the United States will see their spending increase by $5,200 as a result of higher prices. Gasoline costs in the United States have also hit record highs not seen in years.

Then there’s the Biden administration’s abandonment of Title 42 immigration legislation.

As The Hill’s Niall Stanage said:

“On immigration, the DHS has warned that it expects an increase in as many as 18,000 people per day by the end of this year.”

“Given that the administration is anticipated to abandon the use of Title 42 in late May, the astronomical number could be reached early this summer. The contentious Trump-era measure had been used to prevent entry to so-called asylum-seekers on public health grounds during the covid pandemic.”

A Democratic strategist claims that Biden’s administration is “in general, a bit more unstable” as we approach midterm elections.

Democrat strategist Joel Payne said to The Hill:

“We are in a very chaotic period. There was COVID the previous year, and now there’s the Ukraine conflict, which is happening all at once. There is this overall instability that sunk Donald Trump less than two years ago; it’s now Joe Biden’s problem.”

Democrats better buckle their seat belts and hang on tight, because what’s coming in the midterms will blow them away.

Author: Steven Sinclaire