Democrats Prepare Their Most Desperate Power Move Yet

The irony of the Democrats now being hardliners on Russia never fails to amuse me. In 2012 we went from Barack Obama beating Mitt Romney for suggesting that Vladimir Putin’s country is our major geopolitical adversary to the left claiming that Russia is underneath every bed. Meanwhile, we are expected to believe that such a shift was entirely natural rather than politically motivated.

However, despite the fact that most people can see the truth, many people with even a basic understanding of history are still fooled. The aim of all the Russia hysteria has been to create partisan advantage, from claims of election-rigging interference during the 2016 campaign to assertions that the Kremlin was working hard to get rid of Joe Biden. And, without a doubt, it has succeeded in some measure. Certainly, Trump’s presidency was blown up by it, and in 2020, when many individuals breathlessly claimed a few Facebook advertisements swung the balance four years ago again, moral panic about Russia once again gripped those who believed false news on social media had made a difference.

The Democrats have never learned from their mistakes, which is why they are now preparing to repeat them. The sequel to Russian collusion 2.0 is being constructed just in time for the November midterm elections.

President Vladimir Putin might take advantage of Biden’s backing for Ukraine to launch a new campaign to interfere in the politics of America, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

According to several individuals with knowledge of the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity, intelligence agencies have not discovered any proof that Putin gave approval for measures like those taken in 2016 and 2020 presidential elections in support of President Trump.

According to these unnamed intelligence officials, who are breaking the law to leak information to the AP, Russia is dissatisfied with Biden’s response to its aggression toward Ukraine and is attempting to influence the upcoming election. Sure enough, this statement implies that if you want to combat Russian malfeasance, you should vote for Democrats. Otherwise, you are giving Putin a victory. Isn’t it funny how everything fits together?

With no evidence to back up its claims, the intelligence community has repeatedly inserted itself into politics in this manner, producing phony judgments based on no facts. Following that, accusations are laundered to left-leaning news sources, who report them as unshakable fact – even though there isn’t any source material supplied. Meanwhile, all Americans are supposed to get from such nonsense is that Russia would like the GOP to win and Joe Biden’s party to lose.

There are several other traps for the unwary. Observe the weasel words that are in the report. Russia “may” use Biden’s actions as a pretext, according to it. Clearly, there is no actual evidence that they will do so otherwise such hedging would not be used. However, merely releasing the headline qualifies as a political donation to the Democratic Party, and that is all the AP exists to accomplish at this stage.

The fake narrative must be rejected vociferously by the Republicans, or they will be consumed by it once more. There’s no need to accept the argument. It won’t be because of anything Russia did if Democrats lose in Nov. Unfortunately, I would not hold my breath for most Republicans to have the fortitude to defend themselves against such a phony storyline. The fear of being called horrible names on CNN is ever-present in their minds.

Author: Steven Sinclaire