Democrats Prepare Two Nightmare Immigration Bills

Lawmakers will decide on two immigration bills this week as border crossings surge at the southern border.

The first one, called the Dream and Promise Act, would give a path to citizenship for so-called Dreamers.

The second bill, called the Farm Modernization Workforce Act, would form a new status of “certified agricultural worker” and quicken the H-2A visa process.

President Biden has also announced a large immigration reform plan, though the GOP has labeled it a nonstarter.

Some House GOP lawmakers supported the measures during their first passage. With seven voting for the DPA and 34 voting for the FMWA.

Meanwhile, the DHS has directed FEMA to help with the dire situation at the southern border.

With Biden hesitant to call it a crisis, and several Democrats trying to blame the issue on former President Trump’s policies.

“I do understand that Biden is attempting to fix the broken system left by Trump,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday.

The GOP, however, have highlighted the numbers of migrants going up after Biden’s election.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was bringing a 12-member Republican delegation to the southern border yesterday in an attempt to stress the dire situation.

“We are very worried about this crisis that has been created by Biden’s policies. President Biden’s crisis must be reversed,” Steve Scalise said last week.

Texas GOP Rep. Lance Gooden also penned a letter to Biden in early March, pushing him to recognize the crisis.

“We urge you to reconsider in light of these events,” the letter said. “There is a big crisis on our border.

“It is crucial that our leaders recognize the severity of this and respond accordingly.”

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