Democrats Push Communism In Connection To Race

The NY Times journalist who was the leader of the anti-white “1619 Project” praised Cuba during her 2019 interview as being the “most equal multi-racial nation within our hemisphere,” owing its success in this to socialism.

The National Pulse found Hannah-Jones’s discussion with liberal columnist Ezra Klein, who was among the reporters who traveled with the sponsorship of a group with connections to the CCP, in exchange for “good coverage” of the communist party.

While talking with Klein, during his online audio series “Conversations,” Hannah-Jones said she is “definitely not an expert on international race relations,” but nevertheless pushed the idea that Cuba’s handling of integration should be a model for America.

“If you want to look at the most equal, multiracial nation in our hemisphere it will be Cuba,” she says, adding she sees its success in this area as due mostly to socialism:

Cuba has the least inequality between white and black people of anywhere in the hemisphere. I mean the Car“ibbean – it is hard to count since the white population in many of those nations is very small, they are nations run by black folks, but in places that are really at least biracial nations, Cuba has the least inequality, and that is largely because of socialism, which no one wants to hear.”

Hannah-Jones’s words are re-discovered as Cubans are desperately protesting the regime in their nation, condemning the long-standing dictatorship.

Last week, Cuban Americans also protested in Florida, putting the blame right on the dictatorship government.

“It is misinformation that coronavirus and hunger is triggering the protests in Cuba,” said protester Yenier Alvarino. “That is not the case. People are tired of the Cuban government. They are tired of not having freedom, and that is why they are fighting.”

Meanwhile, BLM leaders have defended Cuba’s communist government and, along with American liberal media, have blamed Trump’s sanctions and the covid pandemic for these uprisings.

In a previous column at the Oregonian called “The Cuba We Don’t Know” – one that was originally published in Sept. 2008 and changed in March 2019 – Hannah-Jones spoke about her visit to Cuba.

“While there, I discovered a Cuba you might not know,” she wrote. “A Cuba with a 99.8 percent literacy, among the lowest HIV rate in the world, free health care and college.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire