Democrats Reveal Scheme To Destroy Trump

Chuck Schumer, the current Senate Majority Leader, hinted at the possibility Tuesday that Democrats might try to censure former President Trump if he is acquitted during his trial.

Almost no Senate GOP members have shown a desire to vote against President Trump, making the 67-votes needed to find him guilty an unlikely proposition for DNC leaders. When the possibility of a censure was brought up, Chuck Schumer replied that all options were available.

“I think Trump should be tried. I hope we will convict him,” Schumer told reporters. “Anything more than that is up for discussion, but he does deserve conviction, and nothing less.”

President Trump’s conviction on one count of incitement of insurrection is a longshot after only five GOP members voted in favor of even having a trial. Republican leaders, including Senator Mitch McConnell, have had questions about the legality of impeaching a former president.

If the Senate gets the 67-votes needed to convict President Trump, a simple majority vote could then block the former president from ever holding office again. Democrats have already hinted they plan to support that second vote if impeachment does pass.

A censure vote would act as a public rebuke of President Trump’s actions. Lawmakers lack the authority to otherwise reprimand President Trump if he does not get convicted.

Lawmakers who are pushing for the censure, include Senator Tim Kaine, D-Va. and Senator Susan Collins, R-Maine. Who have said it could be combined with the 14th Amendment to stop Donald Trump from ever holding office again. But the legality of that has yet to be seen.

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