Democrats Secretly Terrified At Startling New ‘Trend’ Across America


The Trump campaign is flying past the Democrats as they have now more than doubled a key statistic that helped them win the 2016 election and may very well help them do it again in 2020.

The Trump campaign has registered 100,000 new Republican voters ahead of the 2020 election, soaring past the number they hit during 2016 according to campaign data reported by Axios.

The onslaught of new voters has played a pivotal role in slicing Republican voter deficits in key swing states such as Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida by tens of thousands of voters.

“As enthusiasm for President Trump continues to grow, so does the Republican Party. Over 100,000 new voters are ready to cast their ballot for four more years of President Trump’s ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’ agenda, and elect Republicans up and down the ballot on November 3rd,” Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Axios in a statement.

According to mainstream polls – which as we all saw during 2016 are not exactly the most accurate – President Trump is trailing Democrat Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida according to averages calculated by FiveThirtyEight.

In Pennsylvania, the former Vice President Biden leads Trump 49.5% to 43.1%. Polls in North Carolina show the race much closer but with Trump still trailing Biden just over 2 points, 46% to 48.1%. In Florida, Biden is beating Trump by nearly 6 points, 49.8% to 44%.

However, all three crucial states have been turning significantly more red since the 2016 election, and the momentum is only picking up.

Republicans have gained 133,000 more registered voters than Democrats in Pennsylvania, 216,410 more voters than Democrats in North Carolina, and 87,000 more voters than Democrats in Florida, according to state data reviewed by Axios.

The voter registration numbers are a huge deal for the president and his campaign as they seek once again to prove the polls – which show him trailing Biden by an average of 7 points nationally – to be wildly inaccurate.

Biden, meanwhile, has been kept out of the public eye by his Democrat overlords as they fear that every time he speaks he will only damage what little actual support he has. This has only opened the window up for President Trump to continuously grow his support while enthusiasm for Biden continues to dwindle off.

On top of the impressive growth in support – the president managed to secure a positive job approval rating for the first time in months earlier this week.

Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that during a pandemic where locally imposed lockdowns ravaged the nations economy, Americans approve of the job President Trump is doing – meaning people are waking up.

According to Rasmussen’s national telephone survey of 1,500 likely voters, 51% now approve of Trump’s performance, while 47% disapprove. The last time a majority of voters voiced approval was back on February 27 when 52% approved.

Those who “strongly approve” of Trump hit 40%, while 41% “strongly disapprove.”

Trump’s net approval turned positive thanks to the support of non-Black minority voters, Rasmussen’s Platinum membership Daily Snapshot reveals. Slightly more Whites (50%-49%) and Blacks (49%-48%) disapprove of Trump. But, 63% of all other minority voters approve and only 35% say disapprove.

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