Democrats Send Illegals More ‘Relief Benefits’ — You Won’t Believe How much

If you are an illegal living in New York, the 2021 legislative session was a real windfall.

David Jaroslav, of the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR), said that the 2021 NY Legislature “has given illegals a range of benefits, protections and privileges while citizens come under some of the most extreme taxes and regulatory laws in the nation, along with skyrocketing crime.”

The biggest handout to illegals was the $2 billion “Excluded Workers Fund,” which delivers to illegals a cash payment of around $16,000.

Jaroslav said this fund was ,,“put forward by the legislature as a form of retroactive unemployment help or as ‘stimulus’ which was needed during the COVID-19 lockdowns. ,,”Such money was allocated toward illegals despite federal laws explicitly stopping them from working in the United States.

Also, federal stimulus stopped illegals from federal taxpayer money. Regardless, NY Democrats pushed their bill through the state’s budget pipeline even with opposition from all Republicans and many Democrats.

In addition to the $2 billion stimulus, the legislature also approved a $2.4 billion rental assistance. Jaroslav reports that the “rental assistance” bill “authorizes payments of as much as twelve months of rent and utilities. Eligibility was determined by earning 80 percent or under the median income, regardless of someone’s immigration status. People who pay over 30 percent of their monthly income on housing could qualify for another three months of funds.”

Due to how Biden’s Covid relief bill bailed out states with billions of dollars, every taxpayer is, essentially, indirectly paying for these handouts to illegals. Jaroslav said that the legislature also enacted non-monetary laws that protects illegals from “retaliation” from employers who ask about their immigration status. Allowing them to sue if they are fired.

Other bills amended the state’s criminal statute to include threats made to report someone to ICE or get them deported. With these new laws, lawful citizens who report illegals or crimes concerning immigration could be turned into criminals.

According to recent numbers, there are around 650,000 illegals living in New York state. It is a state that is practically lost for the GOP, but it is a very instructive situation. If red states don’t protect themselves from mass migration, whether illegal or legal, they will turn into liberal Democrat power zones very quickly.

Author: Blake Ambrose