Democrats Start Handing Out Checks — But Not To Americans

Senate Dems pushed an amnesty proposal inside their $3.5 trillion bill recently that would award $105 billion to illegals, a slideshow given to conservative reporters reveal.

Democrats showed a slideshow during a lunch that reveals what is in their program. One of the slides inside the presentation highlighted their agenda to “give permanent resident status to immigrants and families.” The slide states that the $105 billion will be awarded to “eligible immigrants” who won’t have to worry about getting deported.

“This bill will give $105 billion or more so that some eligible immigrants can get access to federal benefits and have the ability to work and live in the U.S. without fearing deportation,” the slide says.

“The Congressional Budget Office estimates our program will have a $140 billion impact on the budget, which we think makes it ok to include in the Reconciliation. This proposal is now in the middle of the ‘Byrd Bath’ with the Senate Parliamentarian,” the slide says.

Reconciliation is a procedure that allows the U.S. Senate to push through legislation affecting America’s budget with just a majority of 50 votes. Dem. Illinois Senator Dick Durbin spoke about how important immigration is for the reconciliation during his media conference after the lunch.

“We feel immigration is a crucial element inside the reconciliation for three reasons,” Durbin stated. “First reason: We have all complained for many years that America’s immigration system is broken and must be fixed?” Durbin then stated that the bill will give $10 back to the economy for every dollar used on immigrants.

Durbin also said the country needs more workers and that allowing illegals to have legal status “gives them the ability to be a functioning part of our economy.”

A claim that most conservative Americans refute, saying that Democrats’ demands for more workers is just a guise to bring in more third-worlders to vote for their party.

The House is currently forming a text for their reconciliation bill. Dem Senators Joe Manchin from West Virginia along with Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona have both stated they are against the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, which means Dems would only get 48 votes, which is 2 short of the 50 they need for it to succeed.

Author: Steven Sinclaire