Democrats Stunned At Their Own Self-Inflicted Chaos

President Biden has asked for “peace and calm” as officials attempt to find what led to the fatal police-involved death of Daunte Wright, a black man, in a Minneapolis suburb called Brooklyn Center.

Speaking from the White House, Biden called for a “full investigation” into whether the shooting was intentional or accidental. The event caused violent riots and looting with the already-tense environment of the Derek Chauvin trial, the former Minneapolis officer accused of murdering George Floyd.

“I want to make it certain – there is no justification for violence or looting. Peaceful protests are understandable., Biden said. “We do understand that the pain, anger and trauma that exists among black Americans is real and is serious, but it does not justify looting or violence.”

Biden said that bodycam footage of the event released earlier Monday was “graphic.” The president also says he has not spoken with Wright’s family but gave them his condolences.

Federal officers were made available to Minneapolis officers dealing with the difficult environment, Biden said. He did not say anything about the possibility of more violence happening after the Chauvin trial verdict, but noted that preparations were already happening.

“I won’t speculate now. I’m hopeful the outcome and verdict will be supported by most people in the area.”

Biden told authorities to work to “ensure accountability and rebuild trust.”

The bodycam video showed three officers near a car. Police tried to arrest the man, later revealed to be Wright, for a warrant. A struggle occurred, followed by the shooting.

Police Chief Tim Gannon revealed that the officer meant to fire a Taser, not their gun. Officials have not released the name of the female officer linked to the shooting.


Author: Steven Sinclaire

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