Democrats Target Anti-Biden Chanters With Terrorist-Like Punishment

By now, you are very likely familiar with the phenomenon of liberals going crazy over the words “Let’s Go Brandon,” which many conservatives have taken to chanting to mock Joe Biden and an NBC reporter who lied to audiences and said a NASCAR crowd, who was chanting “F*** Joe Biden” was really chanting “Let’s Go Brandon.”

A cancel campaign has taken hold to get one Southwest Airlines Pilot fired who might have said the phrase over his 747’s intercom (note: He could also have said “Let’s go, Braves,” or anything else; the audio is not clear).

The liberal outrage has taken the usual turns, as many commentators have now nonsensically said that the phrase is actually a racist one. One MSNBC commentator said it was like a Nazi salute.

NBC News has now seemingly decided it also is a threat that might be investigated by the U.S. Secret Service, at least based on an article written this Monday about gun makers who have started to use the “Let’s go, Brandon” phrase in their new gun parts.

In the article, NBC says that the South Carolina Palmetto State Armory is selling a “LETSGO15 Ar-15 lower receiver,” which has a fire mode selector and settings featuring the meme: “‘[email protected]!'(Safe), ‘JOE!’ (Fire), ‘BIDEN!’ (Full-Auto).” This article also says that “At least two more gun makers, My Southern Tactical and Culper Precision, are advertising new AR-15 magazines for sale with the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ meme on stickers.”

The article said, “A spokesman for the United States Secret Service, which investigates threats made against the president, declined to issue a statement.” The article did not say why the Secret Service was asked to make a statement about the derogatory joke aimed at President Biden.

This comes at a time when conservative Americans are being targeted by Democrats like never before because of the schizophrenia on the left as it relates to “nazis.” This trend will probably, unfortunately, not correct itself and Americans will have to wait for 2024 when hopefully we will have a true conservative back in office.

Author: Steven Sinclaire