Democrats Turn On Biden — And He Is Not Happy

The crisis at the border is getting worse as President Biden calls for amnesty and a stop to deportations. Overflow centers have been opened and Biden has had a hard time explaining his policies. 

Now, even Democrats are getting angry about Biden’s immigration stance and their real world results. 

A Democrat has warned Biden against reversing too much regarding immigrants, citing their impact on his border region, hospitals in the area and their potential for spreading covid.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) issued a statement saying while he supports President Joe Biden, he understands the downsides of placating immigration groups, an effort that threatens to destroy the administration.

“You just can’t declare, ‘Let everybody in’ — because then we get affected at the border,” Cuellar said to reporters.

Other Texas Democrats have warned Biden about the impact of immigrants on border communities.

During the weather emergency in the state of Texas, Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano sent a message to Biden: “I am asking you to stop any measures on the release of immigrants.”

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden will meet with the Mexican President to talk about issues such as illegal immigration, trade, security and more.

Biden has also ended Trump’s “remain in Mexico policy” which cut asylum fraud and forced those seeking asylum to stay in Mexico until their court dates within the United States. 

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