DeSantis Accomplishes The One Thing Democrats Hoped He Never Would

Florida now has the lowest number of coronavirus cases per capita in the country.

The Sunshine State had a daily average of 1,393 cases this Friday, which is just six per 100,000, and a 2% fall in the past two weeks.

Governor Ron DeSantis has been hit with partisan media critics ever since the pandemic started due to his opposition to enforced mask and vaccine orders. Yet facts favor his choices.

A buffoon named Chris King, who completed fifth in the 2018 Florida Democratic gubernatorial primary and is laughably running yet again in 2022, accused Governor DeSantis of being on a “killing spree” for being against mask mandates. Earlier this fall, the far-left rag Vanity Fair used a huge “angel of death” headline to target the Republican governor.

They have yet again been proven completely wrong.

While Florida has the lowest new cases in the nation per capita, in states where draconian lockdowns orders were given by Democrat governors, covid cases are now surging.

Michigan, with two Dem senators, and where progressive Governor Gretchen Whitmer enforced some of the most restrictive in America during the pandemic’s peak, leads the country in daily covid cases per capita.

New York, where a new liberal governor already declared an emergency over the seemingly innocuous variant we know nothing about, is reporting an average of almost 7,000 cases, which totals around 35 per 100,000.

Minnesota, completely controlled by Dems for more than a decade, has seen a jump in cases for many weeks.

DeSantis’ Media Secretary Christina Pushaw recently said to Fox News that the governor has “always made choices based on the data, and that continued even during the Delta surge this past summer what he knew would help was not masks in school or lockdowns but to give treatment that really works.”

DeSantis is now credited with starting 25 state-supported monoclonal antibody locations across the state of Florida in August, which has possibly saved many lives.

As winter continues, tourism in the state also topped pre-pandemic numbers.

Florida United States Rep. Carlos Gimenez supported DeSantis’ leadership over the past weekend.

“Our governor really follows data, and that is why he is so successful,” Gimenez, a GOP member, argued. “He does not really care what the news media says. He does what he believes is the right thing, following the numbers, and usually he is absolutely right.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire