DeSantis Destroys Biden For His Globalist Goal To Dismantle America

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has slammed President Biden (D) during an interview about Biden’s border crisis, saying he believes the crisis is “intentional” due to his administration wanting “open borders.”

The segment comes at a time when Biden’s border crisis has kept worsening with captures of illegals last month reaching a whopping 674% increase compared to May of 2020 when 23,237 illegals were caught. These numbers were the worst in over two decades.

“Why won’t Biden handle with the border?” Fox News’ Mark Levin said to Gov. DeSantis. “Why won’t he use immigration laws? Why won’t he create policies that give an orderly way for people to apply to come to the U.S.? Why is the border open with all the horror and chaos that is going on down there? What is Biden’s motive?”

“Well, I believe it is intentional, Mark,” DeSantis said. “And I am not sure how much he is involved in this. But many people have sway in the Biden Administration on a daily basis, I believe in an ideological way, they want open borders. Now, the American public is strongly against what is going on there. So I think they are taking a toll, it’s damaging them politically. But they just want to undo Trump’s policies, which were working.”

“And they give a disregard for all the issues that come from this, the people being trafficked, all the drugs coming over the border, increasing crime,” he said. “So it has got to the point where Texas is going alone, Arizona, they requested other states for aid. So Florida has offered. And we are going to send folks to help stop the tide of what is going on down at the border, but it is a clear failure of Biden’s leadership. But I do think this is all intentional and founded in an open borders agenda.”

Author: Blake Ambrose