DeSantis Exposes The ‘Poison’ Democrats Are Shoving Down Everyone’s Throats

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis exposed critical race theory (CRT) for what it really is – labeling it as “poison.”

DeSantis has long opposed the radical leftist propaganda known as CRT and during an interview with Fox News stated, “We’re happy to have banned it in Florida.”

Fox News’ Sean Hannity prefaced the exchange by saying, “One governor, by the way, who has become a beacon of hope for Americans in Florida and beyond: Governor Ron DeSantis. He’s standing up against Critical Race Theory, against rioting, lawlessness, and against lockdowns. He’s joining us tonight with reaction.”

Hannity then continued by prompting DeSantis, “You said the woke class wants to teach kids to hate each other rather than teaching them how to read. We’re not going to let them bring nonsense ideology into Florida schools. You love the state; you love the country. And it’s unthinkable: There are people in positions of leadership in the federal government who believe that we should teach kids to hate our country. We’re not going to stand for it in Florida. Tell us why.”

“First of all, Sean, we’re happy to have banned it in Florida,” DeSantis answered.

“It’s not going to be allowed in Florida classrooms. Spending tax dollars to teach kids that America is a rotten place is absolutely unacceptable. If you look at how some of this stuff manifests itself in classrooms, that we have seen examples of, it’s not a conspiracy theory, dividing kids based on race, trying to say some are oppressors and some are oppressed based on race. Attacking law enforcement and saying law enforcement attacks people based on race.”

“Those things are poison,” he added.

“That is not what we should be doing,” he continued. “What we should be doing is solid curriculum based on the actual facts of American history and teaching kids what it means to be an American. And part of what it means to be an American is we judge people, not on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character.”

Hannity then questioned DeSantis as to why there were vast differences between red states and blue states regarding critical race theory, state income taxes, inheritance taxes, law and order, and shutdowns.

DeSantis replied, “Part of it is we have a conservative approach. They have a left-wing approach. But I think some of this, Sean, is just common sense.”

When Hannity suggested that people in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and California are moving to Florida to leave their leftist policies behind, DeSantis stated, “Well, the good thing is a lot of them are leaving because of those radical policies, and they’ve actually been repelled, and they’re coming because we are an oasis of freedom. So I think that that’s really a good sign.”

DeSantis has handled the pandemic and all the strange quarks that came with it better than any other governor in the country – propelling him to the top of the Republican party, and many have speculated that it will soon result in a DeSantis white house bid.

Author: Mark Ryan