DeSantis Makes His Biggest Anti-Communist Move Yet

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) passed three bills into law this week that concern education and requires that Florida students get instructed about the evils of communism.

Previously this month, the Governor officially stopped critical race theory from being taught in every school in the state.

While signing these bills, DeSantis said, “The sad fact is that only two in five American citizens can name the three government branches, and over a third of Americans cannot name a single right guaranteed to them by the First Amendment. It is very clear that we must do more to educate our students in civics.”

“This bill., he said, “also increases our previous efforts within civics to add another requirement for high school classes that students learn about the evils of communism. We have a number of folks in Florida, especially in the southern parts of the state, who have escaped dictatorships and were able to come to America.”

DeSantis also added that it is very important for children to understand why a person would take the dangerous journey to leave their communist home country to go to America.

“We want students to know the difference. Why would someone leave across shark-infested oceans, say, to come to Florida?” he said. “Why would a person leave Vietnam? Why would they risk their lives to come here? It is important they understand that. Now Florida will form a new library called ‘Portraits in Patriotism’ so students can see patriots who came here after witnessing the horrors of communist regimes.”

The bill especially targets high school classes curricula, requiring talks about “political ideologies that are against the principles of democracy and freedom essential to the principles of the U.S., such as totalitarianism and communism.”

“The bill further asks for high school students to undergo a civic literacy test with no high stake consequence., the bill says.

Author: Blake Ambrose