DeSantis Releases Troll Ad Targeting The Most Corrupt Official In D.C.

The battle between Florida and the White House escalated this week after the latter cut off the monoclonal antibodies supply. The Biden Administration ostensibly claimed the ineffectiveness of the treatment versus Omicron (something they have provided no clinical data for), though, they have failed to explain how any of this will help those who are still catching the Delta variant.Of course, you would be forgiven for thinking the real reason for Biden’s move is to once again spite Governor Ron DeSantis, who has stayed consistent in using Covid data to create Florida’s COVID-19 response. The administration does not like that because what they see is a shotgun approach of fear, flip-flopping and draconian measures to be more effective, even though it has clearly not been.That led Gov. DeSantis to put out an ad out targeting the sainted Dr.  Fauci. It blisters the government bureaucrat, noting his numerous inconsistencies and lack of care for American’s personal freedoms, which in the past, was something that was a bedrock of the U.S.

The ad is effective and blistering because it uses Dr. Fauci’s own words to show how all over the map he has been in regards to the Covid pandemic. Dr. Fauci is a political hack who changes his views on Covid so he can please his current boss, Joe Biden.

I know there will be some people on the right that recoil, still having no clue what year they are currently living in, but I believe Gov. DeSantis’ ad is great. Why? Because 1) it is true, 2) it spreads a message about freedom, which I am assured by the Republican Party is very important, and 3) it puts all of that together in a way that resonates with a lot of Americans.

Besides, Dr. Fauci is basically a politician, and he has shown himself to be such over and over. He deserves zero political quarter. Government officials that use their power to try and limit freedom should be opposed on every level. Gov. DeSantis, Rand Paul, and several other GOP politicians realize that. This is the time to take the gloves off.

Author: Scott Dowdy