DeSantis Sends Americans a Blunt Economic Warning

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is warning unemployed people in his state that they must start looking for work if they want to keep getting benefits.

The GOP governor is bringing back a policy, suspended during the covid pandemic because of high unemployment, saying that Florida citizens must prove they are searching for work to get their unemployment benefits.

“When you are getting unemployment, it is temporary, and you must look for work to be eligible,” DeSantis said this week during a press conference. “We suspended these requirements during covid. But now I believe it’s pretty clear we have an abundance of openings.”

DeSantis said that May will be the last month Floridians can get benefits without also searching for work.

“We can put more citizens to work,” he said. “The demand is here. Businesses want to bring in more people, and I believe we are going in that direction soon.”

This week, DeSantis also announced that Florida would be sending $1,000 bonuses to first responders who have been working during the pandemic stating that, “We are funding law enforcement and then some.”

DeSantis has been widely seen as a potential GOP candidate for 2024 or a VP candidate with Donald Trump if he chooses to run again.

Author: Steven Sinclaire