DeSantis’s Latest Move Terrifies Liberal CEOs

According to a new report published over the weekend, recent developments in Florida legislature have set off alarm bells for other businesses.

When Disney leadership went against parental rights laws in Florida, GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis stated that “Disney is a guest in this state,” and he signed a law to dissolve the Reedy Creek District – which is a special governing area that served as Disney World while also allowing the company to avoid various state taxes and rules.

According to The WSJ, CEOs are now asking how they may avoid the same fate for their own organizations.

“The No. 1 worry for CEOs is ‘When should I talk about public matters?’” former Medtronic CEO Bill George told the publication. “As one chief executive told me, ‘I want to talk about social issues, but I do not want to get involved in politics.'”

According to The Wall Street Journal, some executives may be relieved that they no longer have to deal with volatile political debates. Indeed, business governance attorney David Berger told the publication that lawmakers are becoming more willing to take on business when it is to their advantage.

“It used to be that many Republicans, but also both parties, trusted big business,” he added. “Now you’re seeing both sides play with big businesses as political footballs in one direction or another.”

“Probably anyone in a leadership position” is watching the Disney situation, according to the CEO of a Georgia manufacturing company, Julie Schertell.

“Because I want people to think I have good intentions, like, ‘Here is what we’re trying to accomplish, and if it appears like a blunder, let’s talk about it. Of course, immediately correct it,’” she added when asked about dealing with employees’ concerns.

Following the Florida debacle, Disney communications manager Geoff Morrell resigned from his position after the company’s initial reply to parental rights legislation. “After around three months in this new job, it has become clear for numerous reasons it is not the correct fit,” Morrell wrote in a letter.

This goes to show that Republicans can win if we push hard and force liberals to eat their own words.

Author: Blake Ambrose