Desert Discovery Gets Censored Fast By Democrats

Border Patrol agents have caught over 80 unaccompanied alien children along with around 50 other illegal families in the Arizona desert. Human traffickers brought the migrants into a section of the border that is guarded only by vehicle barriers.

Agents watching the border close to San Miguel, Arizona, during the morning encountered the illegals who had recently forced their way over the small border barrier. The group numbered over 130 people, a tweet from Patrol Agent John Modlin reveals.

Inside the group, agents counted over 80 migrants as unaccompanied minors. With the other 50 or more being families, officials told reporters. Around 90 percent of the migrants are from Guatemala. The rest coming from Honduras.

Human traffickers continue to use sections of the border that are guarded only by outdated vehicle barriers like the one in the background of the tweet above.

President Biden halted plans to replace these barriers when he entered office. The stopping of this border wall, which was already funded under authorization from congress costs taxpayers millions of dollars every day.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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