Designer Of ‘Nazi’ CPAC Stage Found — You Won’t Believe Who

There is a leftist conspiracy going around that the CPAC stage was a Nazi symbol.

Liberals went nuts and went after CPAC leaders and the Hyatt hotel for hosting the event, and even attempted to hunt down who was behind building the design of the stage.

Well, now we know. And it does not exactly fit the liberal narrative.

Design Foundry is a company based in Hyattsville, Maryland. The company told reporters it “had no clue the design looked like any existing symbol, nor was there any plan to design something that did.” 

They claim the whole reason was to give the “best use of the space” given the “size of the room and social distancing.” 

Design Foundry has worked with CPAC for several years. But they have also worked with MSNBC, Google, Citibank and Target.

But another point about the company that journalist Yashar Ali exposed – it’s a very pro-Democrat company.

“They made designs for the Biden Cancer Summit. The owner, Annie, is a liberal and was so happy for Biden’s win.”

Are you listening, Democrats? Your craziness linked a Democratic-ran company to a Nazi symbol. Good job. This was an epic backfire if I have ever seen one.

Here’s some of the company’s work:

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