DHS Scared Of What Conservatives Have Planned For Super Bowl Sunday

The DHS, which thinks they see right-wing terrorists everywhere, is warning public safety officials and police enforcement all over the U. S. that a “trucker convoy” will probably begin on Feb. 13 — Super Bowl Sun..

The warning says “the convoy could greatly interfere with transportation, federal gov., and law enforcement operations through gridlock and possible counterprotests.”

Documents contained by Yahoo News say that the Department of Homeland Security “has been given  reports of a convoy of truckers that could be planning to block roads in top cities in the U.S. in protest of the, forced mandates for truck drivers.”

“The DHS alert says that “the truckers plan to begin in CA as soon as the middle Feb. and travel to WA, D.C., as late as the middle of March, also, adding truckers as they travel across the U.S.,” also saying that the truckers from the protest in Ottawa will probably go to Washington to join them..”

The DHS document, that is marked for office use only and unclassified says that as of its release on February 8th, the United States trucker convoy “looks to be completely aspirational because the event is only being talked about online,” though it warns that “this could change fast.”

The Super Bowl game is being played this week, so if the “aspirational” online talk is going to add up to anything important that Homeland Security would have any reason or right to monitor it, the organizers need to speed it up..

Meanwhile, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is doing its part to keep up with information on the potential United States convoy. We can not have any of these messy “freedom” things messing up the Super Bowl.

What is the purpose of the Homeland Security “warning” about a convoy of truckers protesting vaccine mandates? Reported by most major media, mandates aren’t what is being protested, but instead it is the vaccines themselves.

After all, it is not possible to make anti-mandate protesters seem crazy without lying about their intent and make them look like they are anti-vax lunatics.

“The DHS official said that several of the United States law enforcement agencies were planning sessions and conducting calls to “decide what to do” in the event that Washington is similarly made to be at a standstill — and, the official said, this is “a real possibility.”

Nobody really minded when anti-Trump protesters, Black Lives Matter, or any “approved” protest that harassed innocent pedestrians, shut down cities, and otherwise caused mayhem. As always, it is who you know. And what you hate.

Author: Scott Dowdy