Dr. Fauci Finally Facing Retribution For His Lies

The House GOP put forward a bill on Wednesday that aims to set term limits for appointees to manage the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which will effectively fire Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The bill, called the FIRED Act, was put forward by GOP Congressman Warren Davidson (Ohio) and supported by numerous House lawmakers including Republicans Chip Roy (Texas), Ralph Norman (S.C.) and Andy Biggs (Ariz.). The law would put a retroactive 12-year limit on the leadership role at NIAID, a position Fauci has had since ’84.

Should it pass, Fauci would be required to leave his position.

“After the huge missteps by Dr. Fauci in the handling of the covid pandemic, this bill deals with the oft-overlooked issue: The accountability of unelected officials,” a press statement from Davidson’s office says.

“Under his guidance, Americans have no confidence in the NIH or CDC, leading to serious government overreach that has threatened our freedoms. Despite many treatment therapies and decreasing cases, Dr. Fauci has kept advising healthy Americans to act as though the pandemic were not under control — after managing almost a year of draconian policies that have destroyed the U.S. economy,” the statement read.

Davidson’s bill has no shot at succeeding with Democrats in control of Congress and Biden as President, but it does reflect frustrations among GOP members with Fauci and other Biden team members.

Earlier this week, Republican Senator Rand Paul (Ky.) combated Fauci during a hearing about the pandemic response and NIH funding for research done at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology — the same lab some say could have been the source of the virus. Paul said Fauci was guilty of supporting risky “gain of function research,” which means manipulating natural diseases to infect humans and studying how they might change.

Author: Blake Ambrose