Durham Investigation Hints At Incoming Charges

John Durham has dropped a bombshell that has confirmed what many suspected for years – that Hillary Clinton spied on Donald Trump.

Even worst was the revelation that people who were giving her information were doing so by exploiting a previous Pentagon contract to really monitor the President’s office after Trump was sworn in. All of this data was passed through Perkins Coie, the now well-known law firm which employed the now indicted Michael Sussman.

Now, new details from Fox News reveal that Durham’s investigation is “increasing,” and that it will also target “other matters” outside of Sussman.

“Special Counsel John Durham’s review has “accelerated,” and more individuals are “cooperating” and coming in front of the federal jury than was reported before, a source close to the probe said to Fox News…”

“They are also looking at more than Sussmann,” the source stated.

“The Government also keeps an active, ongoing criminal review of the defendant’s actions and other matters,” Durham said.

So they would not be using the grand jury for investigation reasons if it was not to investigate and charge other crimes, and those involved in the crimes. It is simply hard to see that this all stops with Danchenko and Sussman, and Durham’s was methodical so far. He is not going to jump the gun until he has the goods.

Of course, with everything in public now, the desperate attempt to destroy the story has started. After three days of not reporting on the story, the NY Times and the Washington Post finally issued “explainers” on what happened that are filled with omissions and bias, including quoting the attorneys of the people being targeted. Those stories were released at around the same time, but we are assured there was no coordination.

These attempts to spin the magnitude of what John Durham has discovered are reminiscent of the Times’ attempt to censor the news that Michael Sussman would be indicted. They ran to his attorneys and other “experts” to support the idea that Durham had nothing. Yet, once the indictment happened, it was loaded with evidence not mentioned before.

Author: Steven Sinclaire