Durham Survey Reveals Bad News For Hillary Clinton

There is a surprising poll that came out in regard to Russiagate and Hillary Clinton.

The survey, done by TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics in NJ last month, asked 1300 Americans about what they believed about the Durham probe. What was amazing was that almost 3/4 of people wanted prosecutors to investigate Hillary and her campaign for creating dirt on President Trump. What was the most surprising about these numbers was that included 66 percent of Dems who were watching the story, a jump in 20 points from Oct. Among the GOP, the number was around 91 percent. For independents, it was around 65 percent.

Michael Sussmann, one of the attorneys for the Clinton campaign, was indicted in Sept., and Igor Danchenko, one of the key people behind the fake Steele dossier, was indicted on November 3. So the people had the information to base their decision on. Since then, as we said last week, there is another bombshell from the Durham filing that says the Clinton campaign had infiltrated the Trump Tower and the White House to get dirt on Donald Trump. So these numbers do not even reflect this. One wonders how much they are going to shoot up after this is well known.

So if Hillary Clinton is preparing for another White House attempt and hoping that Dems will shove ol’ Joe out and give Hillary another whirl, she should not pack her bags for the White House just yet. She was still attempting to smear Trump this previous week, but she could want to be concerned about the accusations coalescing around her.

That was not the only bad news for the Dems in the new poll. The people asked also wished to stop any Joe Biden family fraud too.

“Over two-thirds said they believe it’s important that the Hunter Biden, and Joe Biden’s brother Jimmy Biden are separated from any business involving the White House. That includes talking with the president and his aides about programs or taking government contracts, most responders said to the pollsters.”

Finally, 69 percent of GOP members and 54 percent of Independents believe the media has done a bad job of covering Biden’s corruption, while 53 percent of Dems think they have done a good job.

Author: Scott Dowdy